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Lies, Hacks, Cheats, Blacklisting, and the Brexit

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No Agenda Thursday Show

The Mainstream News Media is Corrupt


Dear Producer,

This is Brexit week and there will be plenty of EU news to talk about.

Another big point of discussion will be about the hacked Hillary docs taken off the DNC server. They are available here on a WordPress blog. The amount of effort being put into suppressing these docs is outrageous.

Some news outlets like Mother Jones have reported on the event with accuracy. And it should be noted that Mother Jones is supported by donations. Thus far the mainstream media is sticking to the story that the DNC hack was no big deal and done by the Russians.

The blackout of these hacks and releases is seen by many to be a function of the media’s favoring Hillary for President. There is an element of this but it looks as if a more logical explanation is the real reason – the money.

Hillary’s campaign is going to have the big money and it goes right into TV advertising. Why risk allowing the money to go to a competitor? So do not annoy Hillary by discussing this. Keep these hacks and the documents on the down low. Nothing to see here.

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Tomorrow, show 836, will be a great show.

Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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