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Nothing SKEWS all by itself in the Media

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No Agenda Thursday Show

Let’s just blame the Russians.


Dear Producer,

Tomorrow’s show will mark the halfway point of the typical summer downturn for show support. A lot of people are just too busy for the show, usually taking some time off for summer, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

Except for Australia and New Zealand, the Southern Hemisphere is not a market where the show does well except with a few American and EU expats.

This is a shame since the news cycle is going full force and events have added the “news luxury” of computer hacks and leaks. By the end of the year this will be known as the year of the hack. Politicians in particular will rethink their use of email after 2016 wraps up. Everyone should.

Wait until the entire Google email database is hacked open.

No Agenda listeners know the specific risks of email. The risks have been explained in great detail over the years.

Recently, along with the entertainment value of a new cache of liberated documents, it was amusing to see the Twitterverse get all giddy this last week. It discovered that George Soros is the big money behind Black Lives Matter.

The joke is that No Agenda revealed this fact weeks ago the old-fashioned way – by doing a little research and following the money. Actual work.

Not your normal Joe Six-Pak.

If the major media outlets are going to have to wait for a computer hack to get this sort of information, then No Agenda is going to be more important than ever. Your No Agenda show looks at this sort of hacked information as mere confirmation for what has already been uncovered by research and exclusive sources.

This is the way news stories used to be developed. But there is little reason for mainstream media to do this. They have a captive audience to whom they can sell products – mostly dangerous prescription drugs. No other country in the world allows this sort of advertising on TV.

When people, pundits and media experts bemoan the fact that TV network news is only viewed by older people they completely ignore the fact that this is the idea. The old folks are the product handed over to advertisers who want old people as the audience. Hence one expensive 90-second drug ad after another, all targeting older and infirm people.

If network TV news wanted to appeal to a different (less profitable) demographic, then it would. The business at that level knows how to produce targeted content that works. These people are paid millions of dollars to do this to you.

The mainstream news media is happiest when the weather leads the news. It can send out a reporter to stand in a flood zone and tell us it is raining.

This is not what No Agenda does. Plus, No Agenda works for you, not against you. No Agenda gives you an edge in understanding the events unfolding. This is only because you are the producer and sole support of the show. Without you there is no show. Continue that support with a contribution of any amount by clicking here.

Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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