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Fires, Murder, Mayhem, Corruption, Doom!

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No Agenda Thursday Show

Things are not calming down.

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Tomorrow’s show continues the ridiculous Harvey Weinstein saga with all sorts of creepy celebrities now piling on after the exposés have been finished.

These late comers to the party waving their arms seem to be saying, “Hey, what about me? I was groped too!” They should all be ashamed of themselves because they only had the guts to say something after the fact. These are the same people, you can be assured, who refused to talk to the media when the investigations were underway. Now they want attention.

The Northern California fires are in the news and will be blamed on global warming. Dvorak has a report from nearby.

Sunset througdh the smoke clouding the SF Bay Area

In a surprise move that needs serious discussion there is now talk about Trump threatening the broadcasting license of NBC. This may be a bogus story, but worth a discussion.

Much of the current anti-Trump news all seems to be centered around July. This was the last time that Bannon, Preibus and others still worked there. You can probably assume that these stories are coming from those same leakers, but there will be nothing after July, or so it seems.

And, of course. you will hear more about the Mandalay Bay massacre with changes in the timeline and the addition of a new character – the maintenance man. The whole thing is looking more like a cover-up than an investigation. Our thesis that this was gun-running gone bad, remains intact and is possibly strengthened.

Other stories include a discussion of the Airbnb creep who rigged cameras in the bedroon.

And this. A story to keep you on edge.

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