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What are they afraid of?

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Dear Producer,

You have to ask yourselves why you are being spoon fed news by a creaky and timid media 24/7 with few alternatives except hard-to-find International media sources which are generally compromised in other ways.

 It’s gotten so bad that media ownership doesn’t even care if its employees are directly tied to politicians and are handing over their salaries directly or indirectly to candidates or office holders.

Only your No Agenda Show fights against this because the show is not beholding to advertisers, many of which are connected to government funding or political agendas.

This brings us to the photo below. This is not photoshopped and is a hilarious picture that you would think any media outlet would use if given the chance. It’s just too compelling to let sit. Yet every major media outlet, with no exceptions that you will find, avoided this photo and decided to crop it and cut out the statues and just show Eric Holder.

The photo was mostly passed around Twitter where everyone had a good laugh and perhaps the humor is the reason few others saw it. No news outlet wanted to make jest of the Attorney General. It might offend someone. Most likely it was the fear that an advertiser would see it as flippant, perhaps biased. Who knows?

The kind of fear that sweeps through today’s mainstream media from the top down is unfathomable to anyone who has not worked within the skittish environment dominated by political correctness and false bravado.

This is why your No Agenda Show is so important if you want to stay informed about the actual workings of today’s world with its NGO’s, corrupt practices, usual suspects, lying officials, and petty scheming.

No Agenda has no fear about discussing these matters because YOU pay for the show, not the government, not an advertiser, not an underwriter, not an NGO.

You should think about this and look at the Eric Holder photo. Realize that this photo was actually released into the public domain by the Justice Department itself on April 24 on its own Twitter feed! Why was the media afraid to use it?

This fearful news media is ruining American by making everyone afraid. Fear itself is contagious. We know that fear is being used to exploit the public-at-large to manipulate them. If the media isn’t doing it then Hollywood is doing it.

Fight this trend by supporting No Agenda, your guardian of reality. A place where things actually make sense. There is logic and understanding. Contribute any amount by clicking here. Everything helps. Everything counts.

Your loyal co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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You have to wonder what this bear is thinking about. A Panda fantasy?

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