Who believes that the lawyer committed suicide? YOU shouldn’t

Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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Dear Producers,
Topping the news is the under-reported coincidence that somehow at 7 AM on his way to work John Jones, who is Julian Assange’s attorney, got killed by a commuter train. It was judged, by the police, to be a suicide.

So this guy gets up early in the morning and heads to work to kill himself? Wow, these  cops are pushing their credibility
The weirdest thing about Jones is that his law partner is George Clooney’s wife!

Jones handled a lot of sketchy clients.

Think about this story and how much detail you already know and understand. People who listen to No Agenda are very well informed about these events, with deeper understanding of what is going on than the average person. Is that worth something to you?

And what do you think the result of this “suicide” will be? Personally, I think it is going to freak out Assange and he is going to do a massive informational dump sooner than later.

This means your No Agenda Show is going to be working overtime to break it all down. And you know that the corporate big media folks will not bother because, for various reasons – none good, they are not doing any analysis if it involves WikiLeaks.

Here you have a goldmine of information begging for analysis and big media sees it as off limits or “stolen” or illegal or who knows what.

These excuses are political since nobody was avoiding the “stolen” emails of Sarah Palin some years ago. And then there are the stolen Pentagon Papers that were apparently OK.

The media has stopped working on behalf of the public and just serve their corporate masters and the restrictions created by advertisers and underwriters. This has made them largely useless to you.

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