Weird pics of Clinton. Never seen before.

Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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Wow, what an outrageous few days of news. Murders in Nice, France, which may or may not be terrorist related. Trump’s offbeat pick for VP. An attempted coup in Turkey. More Pokemon fever. And lurking in the background, all the while, the quiet release of the suppressed 28-pages on the 9-11 report.  And yes, I’ve read it and so has Adam. You should too. It’s here. Or just listen to the Sunday show.

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Meanwhile, you will begin to notice some mostly obscure pics, none of which you have ever seen before They are cropping up on odd sites that I am convinced are controlled by Donald Trump. Here are a few added to this note. This will be discussed in greater detail on the show. Something is up.

I have never seen this pic in the wild and now it crops up? Wow.

An unusual establing shot which is a rare pic. Unflattering too.

The old Daily News, unlike today, was no fan of the Clintons.

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