We are all going to die. Again?

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This week the third “We’re all going to die” official National Climate Assessment (found here) is discussed on the GlobalChange.gov website. The website itself with the word “change” in it gives you some hint of the objectivity.

And now instead of one computer model telling us we are all going to die, there are many, each worse than the other. Apparently, they cannot agree on a worse-case scenario and need more money to study it.

If that’s not enough for you we have the kidnapped Nigerian Christian girls story now breaking. This story is already 3 weeks old. All of a sudden, because CNN decided that the missing plane story lost traction, it would push this story. When you follow this story you immediately wonder why nobody has at least mocked the clownish ruler of Nigeria, who looks like a Milwaukee pimp, with the screwball name:  Goodluck Jonathan.

Goodluck Jonathan. Always with the idiotic hat.

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