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Dear Producers,
As we approach the nexus of the next six-week cycle event, we are getting a lot of nibbles including today’s news about the exploding building involving natural gas during a period when natural gas is being promoted to an extreme as a way to stop global warming.


Stop global warming

And then there is the still missing (as of this writing) Malaysia Airlines 777 which apparently has disappeared completely from the face of the earth. Your No Agenda show will have continuous coverage of that news item with all the weird theories emerging.

Something does not add up

Your No Agenda Show is the only news outlet that goes over these stories in detail deconstructing the real story so things actually make sense at the end of the day. People commonly write the show telling everyone that they cannot even watch the shallow, often slanted, so-called reporting on the mainstream media.

How many news organizations will point out the ludicrous irony of Dianne Feinstein complaining about the CIA spying on her Intelligence committee when she herself said this sort of domestic spying never happens unless it was to spy on terrorists. Only No Agenda points out the obvious. The big corporate media cannot even do that!

So please, for your own sake and for the sake of all the listeners and supporters, please continue to support your No Agenda Show with a generous contribution. Become an executive producer.

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Lots of new and deep analysis on tomorrow’s show.
Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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