Unbelieveable. Show 900 tomorrow.


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No Agenda Thursday Show

900 Shows because of your great support.

Dear Producer,
The biggest news this week is that tomorrow is episode 900 of the No Agenda Show. This is an incredible feat for any sort of broadcast, let alone a podcast. This happens only because of your support. Help us celebrate by contributing whatever you can afford by clicking here. Keep the show going! It’s your show.

You can also take one of the suggested celebratory contributions by clicking on any of the following offers:

First is the triple producer credit Executive Producer contribution of $900. Click here.

Then there is the simple and affordable bag of 900 dimes for those of you who just want to thank the show. Click here for that.

For those of you on a budget but who still want to be a part of this moment you can choose the bag of 900 nickels! ($45)  click here

And finally, as proposed by a palindrome obsessed producer, you can choose the $90.09 contribution by clicking here.

Thanks for supporting a great show. Tomorrow will be no exception.

Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Checks should be sent directly to the No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito CA 94530. Your support means everything.

The No Agenda Dog gets her walk through reality. Thanks to your support.

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