Two problems that need solving.

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Note from John C. Dvorak

The show is facing two dilemmas



Your No Agenda Show, which is supported solely by you, has two current dilemmas.

The first is the Show 600 celebration and the desire for more people to participate who simply cannot afford a $600 contributions because they are unemployed or lack any resources. But they still want to participate in one way or another.

Among others, Rory Buska of Ohio makes this suggestion: “If you would like to get a lot more donations for show 600, I think you should say that you will read notes for donations of $600.00, and also read notes for well-wishing donations of $60.00.”

This idea is sound and lets more producers and supporters celebrate so here is the new donation level specifically for show 600. It’s $60 and we will read selected notes of a congratulatory nature –well wishes. 600 shows is a big deal by the way. It is all thanks to you. Click here to join in.

The other dilemma is skipping the Easter Show. Yes, it turns out that Adam wants to go on a vacation with his wife for Easter, April 20, 2014. What would you all like to see done on that show day? Here are you choices. 1) Do a full show on some other day to replace the Sunday Show. In other words move the show this one time. 2) Solicit the audience for ideas for a fabulous clip show that can be used as a primer. 3) Run a rerun of a classic show. 4) Do one of those interview shows, 5) dead air — nada, nothing.

Easter bunnies practicing safe-sex

We will do this by popular vote based on codes added to any donation over the next 2 weeks. Add 1-cent, two-cents, 3-cents, 4-cents or 5-cents to correspond to the four choices. An example of this would be a donation of $50.04. This obviously has to be separate donations from a normal 11.11, 33.33 or other thematic subscription or contribution amounts. Click here and vote with any amount if you want to opine on this decision.

In the meantime, No Agenda will continue to bring you the best and most informative news analysis podcast in the universe. Looks like tomorrow will be great again. Celebrate!

Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS Besides your votes please remember to continue to support the show with frequent visits to the support page.

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