Turkey Invoking Article 4 of the NATO Alliance after Syria Downed Jet

Turkey has requested consultations with it’s NATO allies after one of it’s jets was shot down on a “training mission” in Syrian air space. Below is a report from Aljazeera:

F4 Phantom at Tinker AFB
tomfs / Foter

Hillary (Lucifer) Clinton, the US Secretary of State, responded…

It is yet another reflection of the Syrian authorities’ callous disregard for international norms, human life, and peace and security…

Article 4 of the NATO alliance allows a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to to request consultations with the other members about issues affecting their nation. It is possible that by invoking Article 4 Turkey could open the way for military action against Syria by other NATO members.

Read more about the NATO and Turkey reaction to the military jet being shot down over Syria here and here.

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