This topic would be too “sick” for network news.

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On the last show we began to discuss the current Bill Clinton faux pas and what’s going to be done to him by the Hillary campaign. Apparently, he’s been in play as someone in the public eye who might die at any moment for nearly four years, perhaps longer.

Google can document the Clinton has “six months to live” meme going back to August of 2010. It reappears every so often and showed up with a vengeance in late 2012.

Bill is a huge problem for the campaign for numerous reasons not the least of which is the dubiously funded Clinton Library, to which Hillary is linked. Much of the problem stems from the apparent millions of dollars the Saudi’s gave Clinton perhaps as a quid-pro-quo when Clinton didn’t hassle the Saudi’s after the Khobar Towers terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. That attack killed 19 US soldiers and injured 370. The FBI was supposed to go investigate.

Fancy Library and Center. Who paid for it?

Ex-FBI chief Louis Freeh says in his book, "Bill Clinton raised the subject only to tell the crown prince that he understood the Saudi's reluctance to cooperate, and then he hit Abdullah up for a contribution to the Clinton Presidential Library." A good rundown of Freeh’s relationship with Clinton is outlined here.

The guy on tghe right allegedly paid for it.

Hillary cannot cope with the negativity that Bill would bring to the campaign or the White House after she wins. It’s that simple. All the rumors of Bill Clinton having six months to live for the past number of years is merely priming public opinion to “get used to it.”

Many retrospectives are already being prepared and will be at the ready when the networks get the bad news. You can be certain that much of the news coverage will be about how sick he was and how he complained little about his illnesses and how he was a trooper. “Only a few of his friends knew how bad it was.”

The scenario is easy to dramatize for maximum effect.

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