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The severely compromised corporate media arises (again).


Dear Producer,

The news marches on and your No Agenda Show promises more and better analysis than you can find on any sort of broadcast anywhere, This is thanks to you. In this newsletter we want to thank you for the great support we have received over the past three shows and hope you will continue to help us continue by generously giving any amount. Click here and help.

This week is highlighted by odd events and contradictions. Someone, perhaps the sugar lobby or even the corn lobby is going after artificial sweeteners now blaming the ubiquitous beer belly on diet soda.

Which ones drink diet soda?

Look for the new term “sharenting” to emerge. It has to do with parents who use social media with their children. You all know how much the kids like their parents involved with everything they do.

Former CIA chief and torture promoter, Michael Hayden, looks like he’d be into “sharenting” if anyone was. And proud of it. We’re guessing he has a mug on his desk that says, “Worlds Best Dad.”
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Suddenly astronomers are discovering that there are billions of potentially habitable planets in the universe. They’d better get working on that warp drive if this is to mean anything. This is a bogus distraction topic that we hope not to discuss on the next show. And the show will remain a “Ferguson-free” zone for your convenience.

Screaming Ring Tone.
It’s not official yet, but John Fletcher, the producer who screams “Putin” and “Koch brothers” so beautifully, has agreed to extend the Sir Nussbaum idea and scream your name for a ring tone. This will be available free at the Pi donation amount of $314.15. It will be available by clicking here. You can request any name.

Sounds like a winner.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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