The US State Department Supported Free Syrian Army connected to Al Qaeda

Recently the UN has declared organisations fighting with and training the “Free Syrian Army” as terrorist organisations (source). These terrorist organisations are serving in leadership positions within the organisations. They are also helping to gain victory against the legitimate Syrian Army (source).

The US Council on Foreign Relations has even gone so far as to praise Al-Qaeda action in Syria against the Syrian Government (source).

What is interesting is that the United States and other NATO countries are supporting the FSA:

This, despite the fact that the FSA is using terrorism (should we call it state sponsored terrorism?) against the legitimate Syrian government:

Hillary Clinton, the United States Secretary of State, has even admitted that the US is on the same side as Al Qaeda in Syria (source):

Given recent rallies in support for the Assad government around the world, including Australia, it is hard to know what the Syrian people actually want for their country.

Finally I will leave you with this report from Russian TV:

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