The Militarisation of American Police Departments

As we were all reminded of in the recent incidents in Anaheim, police departments in the USA are becoming increasingly militarised. This has been encouraged by the USA Federal Government through programs like the Homeland Security Grant Program which provides funds and equipment to local police departments to assist them in equipping them with military grade equipment.

We have seen more and more military style action against American citizens. If these actions were happening in nations other than the USA there is no doubt that the US government would issue a protest against the action.

Is the USA becoming a Police State?

This is an issue that was recently spoken about on the latest No Agenda Show Podcast and was also addresses by Dan Carlin on his Common Sense Show entitled Fearsome Safety. If you want a really good breakdown of it, and some history behind it, then have a listen to the Dan Carlin show

photo from OregonDOT

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