The 600 Series. The best ever?

This is the personal note from John regarding the Sunday No Agenda Show.

Dear Producers,
Support for the show decreased over the past two shows and we’d like to see some of our regular producers and contributors help out with upcoming show 604. Tomorrow’s show looks very thin insofar as support is concerned.

It appears as if the No Agenda Show is the only source for any news other than continued coverage of the missing airplane.

I was personally stunned when the (P)BS News Hour finished off the week by joining the chorus with speculative discussion about the missing plane.

Other brain-dead news can be attributed to USA Today with coverage of the advertising campaigns between Taco Bell and McDonalds. Blech.

This sort of “who cares” story is the standard for mainstream media. These stories are all driven by public relations firms promoting their brands, of course.

Time Magazine had a weird cover implying that the entire situation in the Ukraine, Russia and Crimea was some sort of rejection of the New World Order. Very bizarre.

If you want to study the New World Order go to Oakland, California where the NWO resistance evolves unabated. Here’s a billboard right on the Martin Luther King Ave. thoroughfare.

Your No Agenda Show is important to you and to the community of producers and listeners and to the public-at-large.

Please vote yes with a contribution small or large by clicking here.

You Co-host,

John C. Dvorak

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