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Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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Note from John C. Dvorak

800 Shows and Counting. All for you.


Dear Producer,

Myself and Adam want to thank you for supporting the Show 800 milestone and you should thank yourselves too as this is your show. Since checks are still coming in regarding show 800 we will extend the offers made in the last newsletter, linked here, for one more show.

Those wishing to donate casually or have some personal number in mind to contribute can click here and do that.


As the show begins on a long journey to 900 episodes there is no better time than the present to deconstruct a path through the current events that most people see as hilarious. At the top of my list of chuckles is Donald Trump finally meeting his match with the Pope who kind of criticized Trump for his “wall.”

Yes, there are walls in and around the Vatican, but it is not a walled city. Good article about it here. The idea of it being a walled city was a good Internet gag.

This will be discussed in detail on tomorrow’s show along with continued coverage of the wacky USA primaries. Plus more. Make sure to listen live or download tomorrow’s show.

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Your co-host,

PS As usual…THANKS to those of you who decided to set up payment plans via online banking or who just like to send checks. Remember it is No Agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA 94530

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