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Dear Producers,
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If there is any impetus for you, the producers, of the No Agenda Show, to generously support the show, it is because it is a lifeline to reality when compared to the drivel dished out by the mainstream commercial media. The commercial media is so corrupted that it’s lost any grip it had on reality.

One major newspaper, the Oregonian, this week wrote an article comparing Taylor Swift to Bob Dylan then went on for hundreds of words extolling the virtues of her latest album. The writer adds that her shreiky voice is endearing, for example. He calls her a “wordsmith” who shuns the use of a thesaurus (and that’s good, he writes). He then manages to compare her to Billy Joel saying she can hit the pop music middle ground where he cannot. The article is here.

Working the angles

It would be nice to imagine that Oregon, a haven to hipsters and Portlandia and rank irony, has provided us with high satire in this fawning and ridiculous hagiography obviously designed to further enhance the already bulging coffers of Swift’s money vault, but no.

This review, in fact, epitomizes everything wrong with commercial media. It’s a tool for the vested interests in society, especially the entertainment industry, to lock you in to a vapid entertainment-centric lifestyle. This is why any “man on the street” interview will reveal that more people have heard of Cee Lo Green over Benjamin Franklin. It’s beyond pathetic.

In fact, this is a worldwide, no just an American phenomenon.
Thank you media.

What it boils down to, in the end, is a dumbed-down public pushed around by commercial interests and artificial fads. Do not let this happen to you and support your No Agenda Show. The show is the needed antidote to the fake reality pushed by the image-makers running the media.

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Your Co-hosts,
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