Support for the Show? Where did it go?

This is the personal note from John regarding the Sunday No Agenda Show.

Dear Producers,

Support for the show decreased over the past three shows and we’d like to see some of our regular producers and contributors help out with upcoming show 692. Tomorrow’s show looks very thin again insofar as support is concerned.

Once you lose something. It’s gone. Every few days I receive a tweet from someone demanding I bring back Cranky Geeks. This was an online video show that featured famous techies discussing the news of the day. It was an upgrade from Silicon Spin that was on TechTV. It too was shuttered.

Cranky Geeks was a very well structured show but it had a following that would not support it. I made almost no money for doing the show. It was not time well-spent. Nobody wanted to advertise on it. In the end it was abandoned for lack of support. Anyone thinking that the show should be revived ignores this fact. This is what happens when support dries up.

There is zero reason to believe that a revival would change anything.

Adam and I constantly worry that out-of-the-blue your support for No Agenda will just dry up. People will get bored and just let the show die. Since your No Agenda Show is 100-percent listener supported it will not be difficult to spot disinterest. At that point the show goes away never to return. Leaving behind a unique family of producers – an actual milieu of smart people.

 Every year during the winter a certain malaise creeps into the audience. When we ask you for support, we mean it. It’s no joke. Most support from the newsletter appears with the first two or three hours of its receipt. During this critical period last Thursday we got a total of $13.33 ($10 and $3.33) from two donations. This is out of around 14,000 who are sent the newsletter. Some more dribbled in later but was a poor and disappointing showing.

This is despite bringing you news analysis you cannot find anywhere else!

I personally attributed this to the January doldrums and to the show being too long. I hope it’s not that you all are losing interest in our news deconstruction as we head to show 700.

Please vote yes to No Agenda with a contribution small or large by clicking here.

Sincerely, Your Co-host,

John C. Dvorak

PS Also visit the classic support page here.


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