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No Agenda Thursday Show

Tanks on the Street? Or Military Parade?

Dear Producers,
Show 1006 is tomorrow and it reflects (find the pun) the great supernova SN 1006 recorded in the year 1006. Clearly visible in the daytime it provided enough light at night that without any moonlight one could read by it’s light.

According to the Wikipages:
May 1, 1006 — The brightest supernova ever recorded, SN 1006, occurs in the constellation of Lupus. It is observed and described in China, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere. The records of the event are suppressed in some western countries The Supernova provides enough light to read by on a night with a dark moon.

What you might get out of the reference was the idiotic suppression of commentary about the event in some Western countries. All that was missing from the sentence were the words “just like today” where news is controlled and manipulated.

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There is a lot to discuss and deconstruct on tomorrow’s show including the weird stock market collapse. And, in never-ending weird Trump news, it seems the President wants the USA to put on a May Day-like military parade reflecting the ones done by other nations to show off their often bogus armaments.

The USA cannot compete agasinst the grandiose nature of these parades as done by nations that have done them for decades. Ours will be lame by comparison.

Also, Korean dogmeat is in the news as well as memo-wars and fuss over Justin Trudeau’s condemnation of the word mankind, preferring “peoplekind.”

Oh, and if you didn’t know, the fighting in Syria continues unabated. Apparently, Syria is not properly rubble-ized, yet.

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Some crazy tweets and trends to discuss

The cartoon (above) appeared on the BBC and Piers was mocked about the interview (to be discussed on show). Much of the kvetching was because it was ITV and not BBC who got the interview.

Here is a trend. This is not actually a Trump tweet. It has been faked. Think of the possibilities.

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