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Note from John C. Dvorak

Special Coincidence Show on Easter



We need our producers to please step up for the Sunday Show. The Thursday accounting was sub-par and tomorrow is not looking very good either.

Here’s the good news. Two weeks from tomorrow’s show marks a coincidence that has not happened since 1953. It will be the second time in my lifetime that Easter falls directly on my birthday. The first time I was too little to recall and, until I found the chart shown below I always figured it would happen every 7 years. Not true. Easter is calculated by some convoluted formula that nobody wants to explain. The chart below will suffice.

Your donations once again fell off last Thursday so I figured that a Easter Birthday best wishes donation to the show might perk things up and even things out while wishing your co-host a happy birthday while actually contributing to the success of the show. You give the show a much-needed contribution,  and you give me a sweet “Happy Birthday.” Aww. The date is 4-5-15 so let’s add a $45.15 grand coincidence Happy Birthday donation to the list.

Please take part in this for the sake of grand coincidences everywhere.

Easter can fall anywhere from March 22 to April 25.

And let’s keep this newsletter short by encouraging those of you who never donate to please consider any sort of subscription either though online banking or the various offers you can find on the No Agenda Support page by clicking here.

Off-topic curiosity. This image appeared on Twitter. Supposedly this “Bakelite” phone was tested around 1929. The first dial phones appeared in 1919. The push button concept was retested in 1940 but got nowhere. The dial won out until the push buttons returned in 1963 during an era when push buttons became ubiquitous.

Your co-host,

PS Thanks to those of you who use your online banking to send checks directly. Remember it is No Agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA 94530
PPS Let John Fletcher do a call out for you by clicking here.

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