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Dear Producers,

Adam said something casually on the last show that took me a while to grasp (and to fully understand the ramifications).

It was the simple observation/query asking the question, “When did the liberals and progressives of the USA suddenly turn their focus on STEM (science technology engineering and math) and away from the arts and humanities?”

I’m not sure anyone has paid any attention to this atypical pragmatism sitting at that odd point in the political spectrum. I’m personally not sure what it means in the long term, but combine this emphasis alongside the politically conservative-orientation towards business and finance.

This cannot be healthy for the society. Arts and music, for example, have been largely gutted from many curriculums and those studies, which are completely suited for many personalities, do not contribute to the all-important testing results demanded by the government.

None of this is good for any of us.

From what I can tell only No Agenda has even noticed this phenomenon and this is what your No Agenda Show does best. Because the show is not itself burdened by the onerous oversight of advertisers worried sick about their corporate image. Advertisers believe that everything associated with them must also be worried about the advertiser's corporate image.

The No Agenda show can and does delve into controversial and often unseemly topics and analysis that advertisers would never allow.

In fact, the No Agenda style analysis is not even remotely possible with any sort of advertising-based show.

Anyone who has listened to the free flow of real information and the unfettered analysis of the No Agenda Show for just a few months gets a sense of realization that this is how things should be.

And it’s only that way because of your support. And that’s why your support is so important. When you support the show you support the genuine principles of liberty, as corny as you think that sounds.

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Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
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