Six Week Cycle countdown begins today

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Dear Producers,

It’s time to begin the six week cycle countdown. Your No Agenda Show will continue to discuss this, deconstructing the events, predicting the future until it is clear that the cycle is over.

One of the problems with these "events" is that, besides providing an excuse for big security budgets, they tend to lead up to something big, meaning these little events are just rehearsals. 

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I recovered a few pics sent in by listeners that you might like.

The first is a picture of Adam in some desolate part of Mexico. I was going to add this to the last newsletter to get some sympathy donations. I couldn’t feel that sorry for him. And as you can see he’s addicted to Oreos. According to some government or NGO idiot they are as addictive as cocaine.

Living it up in Mexico on vacation!

Here’s is a weird shot of the scratch paper that comes with the Pearson Common Core study and testing system. Producer Chris noted a couple of things. The scratch paper had a bar code and needed to be returned with the test. He suggested the possibility that this will be traced to the student and be checked by the gestapo to make sure the kid isn’t cheating by learning his addition and times-tables by memorizing them rather than going through the convolutions required by the system. Sick

Here's an idea for you confronted with this scratch paper. Use this No Agenda scratch paper instead (designed by Producer Robert Goshko).
Finally, who owns this "Noah Genda" yacht up in the Pacific Northwest where it was spotted.? An amusing pun, for certain.


On tomorrow’s show we’ll look at the various possibilities for the next cycle event. You’ll be surprised with what we’re coming up with.

Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS Please go immediately to the support page and help the show.

I don't want to get hurt in some staged event. I'm a puppy.
Thanks for being part of the No Agenda family!

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