Six week cycle and Show 600. What next?

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Note from John C. Dvorak

Show 600 is upon us. Where is the six week cycle?



Tomorrow is show number 600 and we hope you are helping us celebrate by contributing any amount to support the show. For you there is an open ended contribution here. A $600 special celebration contribution here. And a nice $60 celebration support donation here.

And we are right in the middle of the six week cycle so something is bound to happen unless it is actually the missing airplane story which does not fit into any previous models and does not seem to involve gun control issues.

Your No Agenda Show will continue to discuss the airline mystery with exclusive speculation and we will ask the questions that should be asked by the corporate media.

All sorts of sabre rattling over Russia and the Ukraine takes center stage in the mainstream media but not with your No Agenda Show. The facts in show 598 that outlined how Germany would be the most hurt by any real sanctions against Russia means there will be nothing major done except to freeze a few bank accounts of a few Russian rich guys.

The discussion of a highlighted meme “evidence-based” continues as we further examine this term and its use as “code.” Now it has entered the education realm with movie producer/director George Lucas’ Edutopia. Tomorrow’s show is yet another gem you won’t want to miss.

But above all, help us celebrate 600 fantastic shows by supporting the show. Go to the support page here and click a program that suits you — or just contribute any amount by clicking here.

Your co-host,

PS We will also discuss the notion that the 6-week cycle is over and why it might be over – at least for now.

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