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Note from John C. Dvorak

Show 700 Tomorrow



As most of you know, tomorrow is show #700 of No Agenda, the Best Podcast in the Universe (BPITU).

The show needs as many people taking part as possible to underline the importance of the show and to celebrate this momentous occasion. Please contribute either 700 dollars, 700 dimes or 700 pennies to be part of this moment in history. And you can always be creative with a donation of any amount by clicking here.

With Photoshop anything is possible.

We promise another great podcast tomorrow with a deconstruction of the dubious murder of Boris Nemtsov on the streets of Moscow as he was escorting a comely Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya across a bridge after midnight. She was unhurt.

Anna Duritskaya: even if the assassins wanted to shoot this woman she’d be hard to hit. Eat something!!

We’ll also look at the current state of the six week cycle which wraps up shortly in advance of refunding Homeland Security.

It was awkwardly rewarding to hear the famous feminist and popular female icon and public intellectual Naomi Wolf in a recent presentation come to the No Agenda conclusion that many news stories are rigged. She was so on this idea that she even hinted at her belief that the Boston bombings were staged. She could not bring herself to actually say that, though. A weird clip of this commentary  is here on YouTube.

Remember that No Agenda relies on producers and listeners for its support because the kind of reporting and news analysis done by the show cannot be influenced by network executives, advertisers and pressure groups trying to promote their agendas. We are not kidding when we say that this show is really your show. You support it. You make it happen. Please continue to do so with a generous contribution to show 700. Click here.

Your co-host,

PS We want to thank those of you who decided to set up payment plans via online banking or who just like to send checks. Remember our address is No Agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA 94530

Still waiting for show 700. Tomorrow?

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