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Deconstructing the Las Vegas

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More questions than answers, again

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All of a sudden,, the 33 “code” begins to appear in stories about the Vegas shooter. And ask yourself why they keep using the picture of the guy with his eyes closed? There are other pictures of him that can be used. What is the point of that?

The mass shooting event that took place in Las Vegas this week will be discussed in detail and you can assume will reveal analysis you will never find anywhere else or hear anywhere else. All media will continue to analyze what they can regarding this event for the simple reason that there is, as of yet, no known motive for the shootings.

This immediately causes havoc in the media and rank speculation from all corners of the Internet. So far you’ve heard everything from the guy just being a nut, to being a Trump hating Antifa out to kill Trump supporters, an arms deal gone terribly wrong, an FBI sting with the shooter actually being an FBI agent, to there being two shooters (or more), or that he was a recent convert to Islam and doing his duty. And it could be MKUltra action, or the whole thing was acted/staged, and on and on.

There will be endless speculation as is always the case with public events like this that incorporate public reporting in conflict with Internet gossip and Internet reporting. If it is never fully resolved it will be no surprise.

The only thing we can be certain is that the vile hatred of the President will continue to fester on social media and that the Liberals will continue to use these events to push for gun control. If you ask them what part of proposed gun control background checks and registration schemes would have protected the public from this event to see what they say.

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