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 No Agenda

Dear Producers,

Last week the show re-opened a few of the somewhat dormant donation levels and promised to re-introduce a few more for you adventurous producers and supporters. Here are some that have been long forgotten.

Lost to history is this. It was a $42 dollar sustaining producership credit using the magic number 42. One of our producers even manufactured a bunch of 42 pins during this era. It’s a nice healthy subscription amount.

We also have the original $333.33 Executive Producers credit here. This link needs to be re-introduced.

The most popular high-end subscription to the show is $33.33. At one time we offered a “lucky” $30.00 a month subscription. Let’s keep it alive too.

Many of the contribution levels were based on palindromes of various dates. The last opportunity in 2014 in the short form was 4-1-14 which we passed already. In medium long form we have 4-10-014. Let’s make a $41.14 contribution for tomorrow’s show! Click here.

And remember you can always donate whatever creative amount you want by clicking here.

You show hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Pandas are cute, but they’d just as soon kill you! Be careful if you see one in the neighborhood.


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