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Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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Note from John C. Dvorak

Summertime doldrums? Or Google?



If you are actually receiving this newsletter, consider yourself lucky since our numbers show a sudden drop in people who look at or get the newsletter. This is all assumed to be mostly Google and Hotmail users. Something changed. So for those of you who have not contributed or donated to the show for a while please think about doing it now to help pick up the horrid slack.

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The Promised Offer

Ike Pigott, the producer who perfectly mimics the “shocked, SHOCKED” French policeman – I’m SHOCKED to see there is gambling going on – has offered any variation you can think of as the old Pi donation has returned with a free rendition of anything you want. “I’m shocked, SHOCKED that gmail is ruining my email.”

My suggestion is for custom ringtones. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that my wife is calling. Whatever you can think of for the Pi donation of $314.15. Click here and take part.

Tomorrow you can expect continued discussion of Donald Trump with the kind of insight you will find nowhere else. Also it looks as if all the arms sent to the Middle East are now doing the rubble-ization so you don’t have to. The Turks are up to something as they bomb both ISIL and the Kurds. This will get ugly.

Also expect more tricky deconstructions and a lot of entertainment including the de-coding of the Obama visit with Jon Stewart. What will you learn from that? More than you think. Listen in to find out.

Please donate in the meantime, everything helps. Thanks!!!

Your co-host,

PS We want to thank those of you who decided to set up payment plans via online banking or who just like to send checks. Remember it is No Agenda Show, Box 339 El Cerrito, CA 94530

You just have to wonder how the cat ever got this idea.

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