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Canada Day
Fourth of July


No Agenda Sunday Show

BPITU wants to Thank Canada for its Support


Dear Producer,

No Agenda is celebrating Canada Day, July 1st, on tomorrow’s show and we encourage everyone to show your support for the show with a Canada Day contribution of $71.15. Or if you want to pitch in for the 4th of July please contribute $74.15. This will be the repeat of the war of 1812. Canada versus the USA. Let’s see who wins.

You can also contribute whatever pleases you and whatever you can afford by clicking here.

And remember you can always find good ideas on the support page here.

Tomorrow we discuss what is shown below — this White House gay pride re-do somehow coming together within hours. Who knows how much, in the way of taxpayer dollars, went into the lighting. And now that Obama has done this perhaps they should leave it like this. It’s definitely an eye-catcher.

In the same short period of time the White House quickly changed the White House logo, Twitter account, and sent out an themed email. Between this and the sudden emergence of sheer hatred towards the historic Confederate flag and you have the making of good analysis for tomorrow’s No Agenda Show.

Pandering at this level seems excessive.

On something closer to home one of our older producers sent in a contribution and attached this warm note that should be of interest to all listeners and producers. It answers the question, “Why listen to No Agenda.”

Don Boroski writes: “Thanks to the two of you for battling the fear porn sold to us every day. This is especially important to those of us who are of retirement age – a time when the floodgates of fear are opened fully.”

Don, the No Agenda Show does its part to help keep people sane. Thanks for noticing.

If you want real analysis based on research and digging deeper into a story, No Agenda is your show. To keep it alive please support No Agenda any way you can. Many of you sign up for the popular and affordable $33.33 a month sustaining contribution. Click here.

Your co-host,
John C. Dvorak

PS Please think of getting a subscription. Visis the support page for some good ideas.

Canada Supports No Agenda

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