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Dear Producers and Supporters,

Your No Agenda Show needs better support this week as the Sunday show does not seem to be attracting much in the way of contributions with two shows in a row coming up short. Please make up for this today with a contribution to your No Agenda Show. Become a producer. Click here.

For those of you who want to show symbolic support and cannot afford to become a producer, join the 2013 End of the World Club with a reasonable $20.30 contribution that will help keep No Agenda thriving hopefully until 2030. Do this today!

This is how it ends.

Your No agenda Show benefits the producers and supporters in so many ways. You get analysis of the world around you from a realistic, unadulterated, advertising-free source. You receive the kind of skeptical thinking that allows you to see through the never-ending baloney of the corporate mainstream media which glosses over any behind the scene manipulations that you just know are ever-present.

In today’s news, you will ask yourself why, exactly, did the UN out-of-the-blue decide to condemn the Catholic Church for pedophile abuses that have been ongoing. Why today? Does it have anything to do with a reformist Pope who just might push back against a UN-fronted New World Order and one world government?  Story here.

Hey douches, I just got here!

These are the sorts of questions that come to mind when you employ unobstructed thinking that you get from No Agenda and from nowhere else. Nobody comes close to No Agenda analysis.

Adam and John work for you. You are the boss. Show your support by visiting the Support Page today. If you have not contributed for a while, then you should contribute today.

Please help.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry
PS You should note that the show is headed to number 600. Think about a $600 contribution to the best Podcast in the universe to celebrate. You will be dubbed “Special Executive Producer” on the day of the donation and reprised on show 600. This will be good for two producer credits.

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