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Dear Producers,
420 is coming soon and that means two things for No Agenda producers. There will be a clip show produced by Ramsey Cain on Easter Sunday and we still need support during the one day vacation. This seems difficult since the producers have not been active in the past few weeks. Please help. Any amount helps and adds up. Click here now.

One of the themes of your No Agenda Show has been trying to deduce the real messaging surrounding the number 33 or 333 or any number of threes.

Why this bypass after over 70 years?

The show receives a lot of letters that refer to the Freemasons and all their 33 references.

We are all aware of the Freemason connection to 33 but it doesn't really tell us much. In fact, you can argue that the 33 within the Masonic system is just another use of the number to signal something about the Masons. The 33 code may predate Masonry.

33 appears too often in news stories, out-of-the-blue, to just be some coincidence. Adam used to do a segment of the show listing all the uses of 33 for the previous few days before the show. It didn’t help us understand anything.

This sort of hidden code is addressed in the cancelled TV drama Rubicon, but we still know nothing as to the real purpose or the use of 33. For all we know it involves a secret code book we will never see.

All it does is alert us that something is up.

Now the number may simply be gratuitous. No Agenda uses it that way. You have the ever popular $33.33 monthly subscription to the show. You know about Bag 33.

There is Club 33, the strip club.

Is using 3, 33, 333 or any of these numbers a good thing or a bad thing?

Your No Agenda Show continues to look for answers as the only show being done by anyone anywhere that often addresses numerological issues. 420 is a case in point.

A Little too much 420, for a little too long

For this reason we are having a one-time special Easter 420 (when will this ever happen again?) $42.00 contribution in support of the show. 42 makes sense because it is the answer to “what’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?” via Douglas Adam’s Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. It will be the answer to the show donation doldrums for this week and help the show for Easter. It’s the official 420 Easter support number.

Google Knows Everything

It’s affordable and keeps the show fresh and entertaining. Click here to join in.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS And do not forget to visit the support page here.

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