Native advertising has gone berserk. Read this.

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The news and information scene, which is so important, is becoming dire. The disgusting story in the Wall Street Journal clearly outlining Samsung’s use of native advertising at the Oscar’s highlighted a bad trend getting worse.

Hey Ellen, you are covering up the logo. That will cost you.

Native advertising, which we have deconstructed on the show, is the single most corrupting influence the modern media has ever seen and it is now everywhere including the New York Times. Here is a link to a Native Advertising Blog discussing how “great” the Samsung-Oscars gambit went. Folks, this goes way beyond product placement.

THE SELFIE. Pathetic pandering as if they need the money or publicity

Your media is dead. Example after example of advertisements sold to you as news articles (or entertainment as seen above) are published and presented each and every day all over the country. No publication that takes any form of advertising can be trusted. None will say that they will not use native advertising. Have you ever heard that statement? They would lose money because the advertisers are now demanding it. The only news and analysis outfits that can resist the trend are the value-for-value listener/producer supported ones. That means No Agenda. This is dire. Few people have any idea what is about to hit them. All news and entertainment is compromised by big corporations and their self-interest messages. Soon everything is propaganda. This is not good for anyone.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal article about Samsung looks itself like native advertising. How are we to know? It is less and less clear on most newspapers and it is completely obfuscated by broadcast media where hosts will be eating burgers and raving about them in some skit that is supposed to be genuine.

It’s astonishing how news media so quickly fell into this pit of corruption and shame. And it is just for the money. It makes you wonder exactly how honest the media was all along. It is saddening.

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