• Weather Whiplash
    • A picture named NA-726-Art-SM
    • Direct [link] to the mp3 file
    • Executive Producers: Sir HeyIdiot, Jonathan Bigham, Filip Gorski, Kent O’Rourke, Alex Farrington, Sean Fincham, Sir Random Hillbilly, Sir James Spitzer, Sir David Overbeck, Sir Corwin Underwood
    • Associate Executive Producers: Charles Mack, Sir Michael Shoemaker-Baron of Lake County, Gerald Small, Maurice Tate, Sir John Harrison, Edward Sheats, Sir Upper Decker, Sir Whosoever, James Ogilvie, Sir Stuart Rushing
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    • Knighthoods: Thomas Wiehe -> Sir Up-Arrow, Corwin Underwood -> Sir Corwin
    • Titles: Sir John Harrison -> Baronet, Sir Allan Beane -> Baron
    • Art By: joshoooa

    from No Agenda
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