No Agenda Episode 695 – “Democritate”

  • Democritate
  • A picture named NA-695-Art-SM
  • Direct [link] to the mp3 file
  • Executive Producers: Ryan Merritt-Sir Smokes Alot, Sir Roy Pearce, Samir Bhatti-Sir Paranoid of My Android
  • Associate Executive Producers: Philipine
    Vlassman-Vinke-Dame Phil of Hollyhurst, Steve Roy Stickton, Dean Roker,
    Dame Astrid Klein-Viscountess of Tokyo, Baron Borislav Marinov, Steven
    Pelsmaekers-Grand Duke of France & Belgium, Sir Dave Boseman,
    Karen Vanhaitsma, Gerald Howard, Christopher Dechter, John Porter,
    Jason Kirk, Opera Ghost, Claudia Gerber
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  • Knighthoods: Ryan Merritt -> Sir Smokes Alot,
    Samir Bhatti -> Sir Paranoid of My Android, Philipine
    Vlassman-Vinke -> Dame Phil of Hollyhurst

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