No Agenda Episode 688 – “Threat Stream”

  • Threat Stream
  • A picture named NA-688-Art-SM
  • Direct [link] to the mp3 file
  • Executive Producers: Sir Don Tomaso Di Toronto,
    Darrell Arnett, Sir Truman Child, Brian Kaufman, Dwayne Melancon, Duke
    of Mystery, Sir Atomic Rod Adams, Anonymous
  • Associate Executive Producers: Sebastian White,
    Sir Michael DeCock, Dame Rocco of Portlandia,, Sir
    Dallas Spongberg, David K, Sir Andrew Harms, Paul Boyer, James
    Crossett, Sir Stolkson
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  • Knighthoods: Truman Child -> Knight Sir
    Truman, Michael DeCock -> Sir DeCock, James Lavin’s Daughter ->
    Dame Rocco of Portlandia, Anonymous guy in Plymouth MA -> Sir
    Stolkson, Order of Pugner
  • Titles: Sir Dwayne Melancon, Duke of Mystery -> Duke of the Pacific Northwest
  • Art By: MartinJJ

from No Agenda

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