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Executive Producers: Sir Paul, Sir David Foley Arch Duke of Silicon
Valley, Hyperware Technologies, Dwayne Parker, Sir Dallas Spongberg,
Parker Snyder, Sir Gene Naftulyev Earl of Texas, Sir Dr. Sharkey,
Anonymous, Ken Chevanu, Sir JD

Associate Executive Producers: Sir Nate Wilson, Dame Monica Lansing,
Sir Andrew Largeman, Black Knight Scott Spenser, John Grumling,
Christopher & Michelle Hollman, David K, Sir Ara Derderian, James

620 Club Members: Sir Paul, Sir David Foley Arch Duke of Silicon Valley

619 Club Member: Hyperware Technologies

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Knighthoods: John Grumling -> Sir Ready Kilowatt, John Strege -> Sir Stregolicous

Titles: Sir Gene Naftulyev -> Earl of Texas, Sir Nate Wilson -> Baronet

Art By: MartinJJ

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