Ludicrous pics of Afghan Fighters. Plus: Losing the Podcast Awards


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Dear Producer,

It looks like we were an also-ran in the most recent Podcast Awards and all we can celebrate is the privilege of being nominated. We’re asking for a commiseration in Las Vegas donation by throwing boxcars as we “crapped out.” That would be this months $12.00 (boxcars two sixes). It would be great for you to join-in on the commiseration donation by clicking here. Everyone getting this newsletter can easily afford this low one-time contribution. Please join in to show your real support for a real podcast. The BPITU, No Agenda.

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Also, John Fletchers fantastic call-outs were supposed to come to an end today but since you never heard much about it we are extending the Pi donation until Mayday and post all the callouts on Cinco de Mayo. Please get this Executive Producership plus ring-tone requested as soon as possible. Here is the link for you to click.

Right after the Sunday show Hillary Clinton rolled out a cute video and said she was running for the Presidency. Since the election takes place a year and a half from now, this means a lot of grueling campaigning week after week for over a year. This is borderline ridiculous but should prove to be entertaining. Elizabeth Warren will watch and wait for Hillary to stumble.

The US Government continues to work on the military budget. There is something that no news outlet has ever discusses. It’s the outrageous b-roll that is commonly shown on TV – including PBS – showing Afghan and other middle-eastern soldiers wasting the taxpayer’s money. This includes EU taxpayers too. Just look at the screenshots of these idiots.

Why bother putting the tripod on the ground where it belongs? Instead stand upright like a clown in a movie and fire away. Either this joker wants to be shot or this scene is bullcrap.

What’s the point of using the tank as protection? Your best bet is to stand out in the open and just shoot into the distance. Is this strategy the result of US Army training? Randomly shoot a few hundred dollars worth of shells.

Here you go, the moron of the day. Out in the open with no cover whatsoever, shooting a huge machine gun from the hip. To make this more ludicrous let’s wear blue camo in the desert so you can stand out even more clearly.. Does anyone think this footage is real or plausible? Why show it?

Expect another great show tomorrow. Despite the award setback.
Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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