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Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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Tomorrow we will have a discussion on Brexit. The commentary will emphasize the outrageous hatred levelled at the UK by many Americans who apparently have no understanding how the EU actually works. All they know is that it supposedly is a good thing and if you do not want to be a member then you are a racist xenophobe.

That is it in a nutshell. Ask them who is the President of the EU and they cannot tell you. None of them know there are actually multiple Presidents.

The word Xenophobe seems to have finally come into its own as a popular word to use although a decade ago nobody knew what it meant.

I’m personally disappointed in the American response to this vote as shown by some of the tweets you see copied on to this email. Instead of bothering to side with our most cherished ally, the Brits are condemned by American elites and celebrities. It’s quite pathetic.

You will have a good understanding of what is really going on after tomorrow’s show.

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One of the best posts combining bigotry and age-ism.

A lot of lecturing the dumb public by the elites. Thanks for the advice.

How does “fear” win out? The fear campaign dubbed Project Fear was run by the STAY side of the debate. Did this guy even follow any of this?

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