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Dear Producers,

This is a good opportunity for you to step up to a producer’s role with any donation over $200. The last few Sundays have been begging for producers. Jump on board and beef up your resume. For more information read the support page by clicking here. You can donate any amount you want by clicking here.

Your No Agenda Show, produced by you, is the only news outlet that even suggested that the Nigerian kidnapping was a possibly fabricated as a ruse to bring in oil industry partners to hammer out deals in an oil-rich region of Africa after having removed any Chinese involvement.

And, by the way, Nigeria is known for scams.

One thing to note is the actual number of girls “kidnapped.” It seems to be a variable. I’ve heard 240, 275, over 300, 375, and more. You’d think if a slew of girls were kidnapped that someone would know exactly how many there were. Why does it vary to such an extreme? How come the mainstream media has neither noticed this nor asked about it?

Also tomorrow, we discuss the screwball aspects over the so-called referendum to be held in Eastern Ukraine. When you look into it, it’s nothing more than an area-wide poll that doesn’t do much more than ask a yes or no question. It’s actually idiotic. So why is everyone is so upset by this?

Your No Agenda Show is the only show that will discuss the ludicrous nature of some of these reports. No Agenda provides sane analysis that belongs in everyone’s life. Help us by continuing to support No Agenda.

Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
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PPS Oh, and don't forget that idiotic Eurovision competition. This character below is the entrant from Austria. Bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst. If this does not make a mockery out of the entire event, nothing will.

Cripes! The Wurst.

Thanks for being part of the No Agenda family!

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