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Propaganda Machines Ramping Up!

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Dear Producer,

Something weird happens. Assad uses chemical weapons, for example. Maybe there is a strange terrorist event that makes no sense. Only the No Agenda Show will deconstruct it. And even when deconstructed, and verified by experts and re-reported by the media, they always revert back to the originally intended meme.

This happens a lot. If you repeat the old meme enough times people forget the actual story. Nothing changes for the majority of the public.

Hence the Syrians gassed their own people with chemical weapons. This is despite it was their own people and that it was not a gas they stockpiled. Or that Ed Snowden stole state secrets and gave them to the Russians.  Traitor!!

The susceptibility of the general public to this idiotic repetitive public relations technique is shameful. Soon you believe that Hillary’s email scam was a harmless convenience. Donald Trump said all Mexicans were rapists. Bernie Sanders schemes are not affordable. He’s a kook.

And, it should be mentioned that while the supporters of once-fringe candidates Trump and Sanders are massive, this does not mean the smear machine has not lost its effectiveness. It just needs re-tuning by better propaganda experts.

The latest meme floating around concerns Bernie Sanders’ somewhat dowdy wife. The message is that she would not be an attractive First Lady so vote Hillary. This is promoted by the Hillary camp and incredibly ironic. It’s actually a complex PR mechanism. Listen to No Agenda and you’ll discover how that trick works.

This sort of topic is only discussed by your No Agenda Show. This is a show done specifically for you — to give you insight into how the public is being used and manipulated by mechanisms they cannot see or understand.

Does this have any value to you? Contribute to the show. Tell us you care.

No Agenda is a high wire act with no nets. There are no advertisers or corrupt institutions propping up the show. It’s up to you to make sure the show continues. When the show is done it is done.

No Agenda could be eliminated by some elites angered by the show. The PayPal accounts shuttered. The emails blocked as spam. There will be some foul up. Who knows?

The much bigger threat is the continued mediocre support from the audience and especially the listeners who have never contributed any support. And this does not mean the poor student being screwed over by the student debt scam. It means the corporate manager who could easily help and does nothing. “Well, I would have donated but never got around to it. It was a good show while it lasted.”

And how many Knights have abandoned the show? The knighthood should mean more obligation, not less. And yes, we have a lot of supportive Knights. You hear the same ones mentioned over and over. Are they the only ones we ever hear from? Where are the rest?

No Agenda Knight Protecting Truth is Confronted by the Corruption of Advertising.

The No Agenda Show is serving you with 20-plus hours a month of news insight you cannot find anywhere else, period.

 It’s so pathetic that nobody wants to do this work except No Agenda. Why bother when you can feed at the corporate advertising trough and just read what you are told to read. That’s the competition – and it is winning.

It’s up to you to make sure No Agenda continues. Please contribute something today by clicking here.

Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

PS  And you can always send checks to Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Make checks payable to the No Agenda Show.

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