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Not a slow news week at all. Donor drive.


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Before coming out on stage Trump appeared on the giant video display as an ominous silhouette. He then came on stage to introduce Melania who then came out to do her best impression of Putin’s wife.

Tomorrow the show will dissect the Republican convention and discuss the cocked up controversies including the “Anyone but Trump” promoters, who got nowhere, along with the accusations of plagiarism directed at Melania Trump.

The speech writer looks as if he/she lifted two lines that were quickly shown to be too similar to the Michelle Obama lines from 2008. You will love the analysis derived from this incident. This is a show you should not miss.

The Mitt Romney/Mormon Chuirch backed Utah delegation tried to disrupt the Convention to no avail. What’s behind this hate? The answer on the next show.

And, of course, world events do not stop because of this convention. No Agenda has the stories you are not being told this week as the corporate media focuses on the convention trying to make the things controversial.

Because next week will feature the Democratic Party Convention, it is more important than ever to listen to No Agenda to get actual news coverage and analysis. And remember your support is needed more than ever. No Agenda is 100-percent supported by your contributions.

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