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Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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Tomorrow’s show will continue to track some of the darkest memes within the news flow. One of our producers has discovered a new one that will bode ill for anyone who finds the net neutrality complaints somewhat sketchy and part of an attempt by the government to take over control of the Internet.

And, yes, this is the No Agenda stance on the topic. Net neutrality is seen as an attack on free speech.

The latest scam is that net neutrality equals racial justice. This leap of logic has become a huge mail order marketing campaign with elusive logic developed by an SJW group called Free Press. From the perspective of those wanting laws regarding net neutrality this is a gift from the heavens. It is going to be tough to disentangle net neutrality from justice itself. The coy move may scupper any counter movement.

This means you should appreciate No Agenda while you can.

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Pro & Con Cartoons About Net Neutrality

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