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No Agenda Thursday Show

Stay Calm and Stick with NA

If this week’s news and, more importantly, the general analysis of this week’s news is any indication, then it tells you that your No Agenda Show is more important than ever. The skew on reporting, for some reason, has gotten seriously extreme.

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At this point it becomes more and more obvious that the notion of even lying to help the Democrat 2018 cause becomes apparent. It looked as if things were waning but the Charlottesville action gave the anti-Republican activists new life.

At the base, this is not genuinely anti-Trump because the goal is to elect Democrats who are running against Republicans. Trump is the convenient foil for the absurdities you are witnessing. A lot of naïve Republicans do not see these loud complaints for what they are and are unwitting dupes in the process.

Here is the outline of the strategy/process once more as described by the show.

Understanding Current Liberal Strategy
Trump is a straw-man to be used by the left to be portrayed as unworthy of the office, inept, needs to be impeached, illegitimately elected.

The Democrats and Progressives want him out by year-end. That is the stated goal and many have hopes that he will be out by then.

The strategists know he will not be out by then or by 2018, but he’ll be targeted anyway because it will hopefully anger voters that he did not get ousted.

The Dem strategists will admit to failure and blame it on the Republicans. The solution, they will say, is to rid the nation of Republicans and put in more Democrats.

It will be the 2018 elections that will determine the success or failure of this strategy. But it does mean these Charlottesville events will continue for at least another year and a half.

Whether the Dems win or lose in 2018 they will continue with the same strategy until 2020 (with some tweaks after 2018) and keep straw-man Trump in the news until the next Presidential election. Then the ongoing commentary adjusts saying that they indeed tried to impeach him and couldn’t because of the Republicans (again!). Thus, the only solution is for him to be defeated in 2020 at the polls as this is now the only way to get rid of him.

So, this strategy is one of duplicity and complete insincerity. There is no real attempt to get rid of Trump because he serves a very useful purpose to the Democrats in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

This is something that will be phenomenal to witness, but can easily take you away from logical and smart analysis. In other words, you are susceptible to being brainwashed by this horrible campaign. Your two hosts have seen many producers go insane turning against the show and calling the show alt-Right and racist when all we do is point out media inconsistencies and actual blatant lies. — end

The No Agenda analysis sees through all the attempted programming, NLP, and modern double-speak to give you the insight you need to survive the barrage that, at its base, is a huge and risky political ploy that is simply unhealthy for you.

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