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New boss, same as the old boss

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The news cycle has been staggered by Trump’s apparently getting briefed on the importance of the poppy crop in Afghanistan to the point of sending in more troops to guard this valuable property.

That’s unless you can come up with a better explanation of his reversal on a promise to take troops out of Afghanistan. The question all the right-wing talking heads (radio) have is the logical one. What constitutes “winning” in Afghanistan? Who signs the surrender? How do you know if you win? Will you leave if and when you win?

You have to assume the only answer to the question, “How will you know if you won?” would be “You’ll know it when you see it.” Just like porn.

Another tidbit to be addressed is this odd story that is probably as under-reported as anything lately. It is particularly pathetic if you have to read it in a Pamela Geller blog post.

It tells us that the cops that were killed in Kissimmee, Florida were gunned down by a crazed muslim named Malik Mohammed Ali. The media reports, instead, emphasized that he was an ex-Marine named Glenn Miller.

The right-wing media see this as some form of cover up, but normally the media has no problem calling something like this a lone wolf Muslim extremist attack.

So it’s as if this has more to do with an agenda or narrative, and these cop killings would have created an unwanted distraction. So what you are witnessing is actually worse than a mere obfuscation of the facts. It’s a carefully thought out plan of propaganda that is so fine-tuned that nothing outside the scheme itself can be allowed to interfere.

So what is going on? It’s more than bad reporting.

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