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Adam is traveling and on his way to pick up the Marconi award in a ceremony in Amsterdam Thursday morning. Thus your No Agenda Show will be done tomorrow on Wednesday at the same time as the usual Thursday Show.

Note the schedule change, after that the show returns to its regular schedule. This immediately affects the chat room and the live stream which will be operational (hopefully) — on Wednesday.

Donations and contribution are already sliding after show 1000 and hopefully those of you who missed shoe 1000 or who have never donated to the show will help tomorrow by clicking here.

This should be fun to watch. What an odd specialist.

As usual, there is a lot to discuss on tomorrow’s show. Hopefully you will have a full report on activities in the EU. Also look for some commentary on the US Government shutdown.

Some interesting trends that the show follows includes this idiocy describing how our Congress relies on Facebook links for news.

Meanwhile, CNN is under threat by some 19 year-old from Michigan who threatens to gun down the news anchors while screaming “fake news.” This has everyone in a tizzy.

The situation in Syria with Turkey on the rampage seems out of control. The TV networks are not reporting on it in any meaningful way.

This and pretty much everything you need to know to be ahead of the pack will be included on tomorrow’s show. Enjoy the interesting pics at the end of this newsletter and consider taking out a special 2018 subscription. No Agenda needs your continued support. And click here to contribute any amount whatsoever. Everything helps.

John C. Dvorak &
Adam “Marconi Winner” Curry

PS. Send checks to No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito CA 94530.

Funny Items

You cannot beat Rob Reiner for the pro-American uplift and skewed view of reality.

I wonder how this is different or worse than Clinton renting out the Lincoln bedroom for cash upfront?

Michigan local One meetup last week with Theo the baby at the head of the table in the back. Go Theo!

Grade A+ for logical deduction.

IQ = 26

Makes nothing but sense.

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