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Floods, Pestilence, Terror, Wars, and Hillary

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Dear Producer,

In this newsletter there was a rant about this and that. John erased it and said it sucked. You can imagine what it was about by reading the headlines above. We are saving it for the show. So, instead, enjoy some interesting pics. And please support No Agenda by clicking here. The show really does need your help.

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Photo — Leftovers, Not Categorized, Collectible

This giant Studebaker was exhibited at the Chicago World’s Fair

One of the last sailing vessels in 1948 showing how far the technology had come before it was done. Compare to modern ship.

Seeing this is never good.

No comment

Today, these kids would be picked up and questioned.

This is how you used to make a long distance call in 1899.

The fake photos of Obama playing golf in the LA floods was amusing.

Huntington Beach in 1928. Think about this image for a while. Then donate to No Agenda.

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