End of an era.

This is the personal note from John regarding the Sunday No Agenda Show.

Dear Producers,

Support for the show decreased over the past few shows and we’d like to see some of our regular producers and contributors help out with upcoming show 714. Tomorrow’s show looks too thin again insofar as support is concerned.

A week or so ago I went to the 10th anniversary of the Buzz Out Loud podcast which has been defunct since 2012 after a series of personnel and format changes. In all the show ran for about 7 years. Your No Agenda Show will celebrate its 8th anniversary this year.

The BOL show finally failed and folded its tent after what had to be waning interest and failing support. This is always what worries me and Adam concerning the No Agenda Show. It should concern you too. With a mailing list that is robust with over 14,000 subscribers this number is not reflected in the donations. The opposite may be true. Last Thursday’s show was a classic example of lack of interest.

Remembering when they had a show together

What was striking about the Buzz Out Loud reunion/anniversary was a live presentation which included a show discussion of the history of the show as well as an incredible number of heartfelt listener comments most of which thanked the show profusely for keeping them abreast of tech news and apparently changing the lives of many listeners. It was an extended family approach to podcasting. much like No Agenda and other podcasts. It was incredibly sad to witness this.

If there was a theme it was that everyone missed the show.

But for one reason or another the support was not there when it was needed during the life of the show itself.

I’m always reminded of my regrets over not supporting a small butcher shop on the SF peninsula. The place sold venison, elk, boar and other cool meats which added needed variety to the routine proteins of monotonous beef, often dry pork and boring chicken. One day the place was simply out of business. I know for a fact I did not shop there often enough. I expected it to be there forever, though. I was fooling myself and I still blame myself for not helping enough.

Nobody wants to imagine a reunion of No Agenda, ever. And that is because you want the show to continue broadcasting forever. Please re-think your commitment and support tomorrow’s show with a contribution of any amount and if you do, we promise to keep doing the show for as long as your support lasts.

Sincerely, Your Co-host,

John C. Dvorak

PS Also visit the classic support page here.


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