Does this photo show Miss America Lesbian kiss? NA News.

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Dear Producer,
A lot happened since Sunday and your No Agenda Show is on it as usual. This includes a startling analysis of the Miss America Pageant, which has apparently changed to an extreme. Listen to a No Agenda discussion about a cultural shift. Good or bad?

Here is the picture teased in the email subject line. Hard to tell what is going on
or why the other girls are applauding
. Are they kissing?

The audience seems to be in freefall insofar as support is concerned. Most notable is the incredible lack of any sort of support for the 7th anniversary for No Agenda. Why is this? Are people waiting for the actual anniversary? Possible. Is the “sack of sevens” unattractive, maybe. Any suggestions would be useful. And remember you can always contribute a random amount by clicking here.

WRONG! This appeared then disappeared from what appears to be a UN-related site.

John and Adam will discuss the ramifications of the ISIS versus ISIL nomenclature. Why does the government insist on ISIL and the media insist on ISIS? Is there a real reason?

Ebola seems to be the center of attention and there is new information.

Code Pink biddies appeared at the grilling of Hagel and Dempsey

Plus, in yet another Congressional hearing, John McCain nearly calls the head of the joint chiefs of staff of the military an idiot. Almost. Why does McCain hate this guy so much? Your No Agenda Show knows why.

"Jets go zoom, like this, dummy."

And let's not forget the Scottish election, the results of which will probably be in by the end of the show.

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Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Kittens deliver more donations, says the kitten

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