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Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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This is the perfect way for us to say thank you for 10 years of support. Please join in and contribute whatever you want for a double credit. This includes becoming a full Executive Producer for $150 or an Associate Executive producer for $100 and using these credits on LinkedIn as usual.

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Tomorrow’s show promises to be another winner as the perpetual Trump cycle heads back into the “not fit for office” mode.

The WAPO is in high gear particularly regarding the imminent release of the secret documents regarding the JFK assassination. Trump says he will release them. They were scheduled to be released and apparently a lot of federal agencies (guess which ones) are trying to keep the docs secret forever. Adam has specific info about this.

This storyline has No Agenda written all over it.

And tomorrow you’ll catch up on tech news and look at all the A.I. bullcrap Google is rolling out. Just read this insanity from the Business Insider:

“All of Google’s new products incorporate its AI technologies in one way or another. For example, Google Clips, its new camera, uses AI to monitor what’s happening around it to determine the best time to take short video clips. It then transfers those clips to Google Photos, the company’s photo-storage service, which offers image recognition that’s constantly improving thanks to machine learning.”

Really? People want this?

Meanwhile, get in on the two credits for one donation offer and support the show while celebrating 10 years of No Agenda.


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Funny pics, memes and cartoons from the net

Yeah? Well, is Elizabeth Hurley on your list?

Charming contestants in the Ms Senior USA contest. Now this is something they should televise. There is a talent event too.

New potential Olympic event.

The New Dollar Coin is too big.

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