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Saturday note from John C. Dvorak

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It’s been a fun eight years producing something that has evolved into the actual best podcast in the universe.
It has all happened because of the continued support and encouragement of the listeners and the producers who finance the enterprise. Value for value has been the mantra for the show. And as long as you continue your support we will continue to grow the show, broaden the research and produce a product you can rely on for an honest news analysis untarnished by the corruption of corporate influence.

You know how this works and you know the value. We have no plans to slow down until you tell us to.

Meanwhile, consider the one-time credited contribution by clicking here. PayPal now allows you to make any donation recurring if you want. That would be great and greatly appreciated.

There is a candy store in Oakland that used to be a primary competitor to the famous operation See’s Candy. I was thinking about this charming operation and figured I’d go buy some chocolates as a gift only to discover that the place had been sold to some outsiders and the product deteriorated and the company folded. The quaint building is now a thrift store.

Would everything be fine if I had actually supported the place when it was in business? One thing is certain. I did nothing and now it’s gone. This can happen to anything. Think of the many places you once frequented and enjoyed. Have any vanished because you did not support them? This is a big fear. You need to be reminded that this is not a cycle of life but a cycle of neglect. Support what you love. Support what you need. And think of the No Agenda Show too with a “how much is it worth to you donation” by clicking here.

And make sure you listen to tomorrow’s show. What is the status of the six-week cycle?

Your co-host,

PS We want to again thank all those who pitched in for our 8th anniversary.
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This is the best I can do.

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